We carry out and provide support in the creation of national and international mobility policies, considering all related services and all phases of the mobility process including return to the country of origin.
To carry out proper international movement, it is important that the company designs a global expatriation strategy. Mobility creates individual mobility charters and global expatriation policies, considering all issues which affect the client in the fields of labour, social security, taxation and migration, as well as logistics issues of the moves.
Mobility creates compensation and benefits schemes depending on the type of assignment and profile of the client, and considering aspects such as the difference in cost of living, difference in salary, and stability of the family throughout the move.
We provide our clients with studies and reports by country to give the company a vision of the destination for potential expatriation.
International movement is completed with repatriation in the country of origin. When it comes, this phase is as important as those before it, and therefore Mobility plans and organises all steps to be followed until the return to the country of origin.
We have a group of professionals who are experts on migration, labour and taxation, who update our clients on the issues of applicable legislation, jurisdiction and international agreements.


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