We will accompany you through the whole migration process and represent you when necessary.

Each client and each destination requires a specific legal and migration process which must encourage mobility with adequate management in each case, and with fast processing. We have a global reach in legal and migration aspects, and provide the local procedures necessary in each case.


Mobility carries out a meticulous prior study to ensure migration status during the whole placement. Complying with legal requirements on migration in each destination, Mobility anticipates them to define the type of work permit which will correspond to the employee depending on the time of the placement, the profile of the employee, and other fundamental factors.
Mobility analyses the legal migration and labour options of each country for appropriate compliance with the applicable administrative procedures, thus obtaining the corresponding permits for the expatriate and their family.
We have local knowledge of the legal regulations of each country.
Mobility monitors all migration cases, periodically renewing the different permits of the expatriate within strict periods to avoid irregularities.
Mobility carries out all management necessary so that the employee and their family reside legally in the destination in accordance with its regulations and for labour and taxation purposes.
Social security requirements are a basic aspect in an international placement. Mobility studies each specific case, adapting to the applicable community regulations or stable bilateral agreements from outside the community for the contributions of employees.
Mobility takes care of the whole migration process, gathering the legal documentation necessary for its completion.


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