A move is a great opportunity which requires many changes which we do not want to affect the comfort and peace of mind of the expatriate and their family. So that the experience is a success, we provide services which allow our clients to facilitate the practical and personal aspects of the move, ensuring a quick and comfortable integration in the new destination.
The orientation programme supports the company when helping the expatriate and their family to learn the relevant aspects in all fields related both with the cultural characteristics of their new destination and the process of their expatriation and future repatriation.
Accommodation is one of the key aspects for enjoying the new destination. For this, we locate homes adapted to the characters of each family and accompany them through the process of selecting a home, including the negotiation and signing of the contract, as well as contracting supplies.
Some of our clients trust us with the delegated management of rentals. Mobility ensures the efficient management of all aspects related with rental, and our clients reduce the resources dedicated to the management of properties.
A good choice of school is decisive in the peace of mind and experience of the family in the new destination. Therefore, we do not only accompany the family, visiting schools and assisting them in the enrolment process, but also provide them with pertinent information on the education system in the destination, local and international schools, and associated costs, etc.
We advise the partner of the expatriate on the local labour market in their new destination, guiding them in the search for employment and supporting them in all procedures and processes.
To facilitate the quick integration of the expatriate and their family in the new environment, and so that they enjoy the great experience of their destination, we provide the necessary practical information on the health system, buying or renting property, buying or renting vehicles, searching for domestic services, contracting insurance, and local transport, etc.
Living in a different culture is enriching, and often our clients wish to take advantage of such a special experience with language programmes and training in issues of local interest.
A great, well managed mobility experience until the return allows our clients to take advantage of national and international mobility opportunities in the future. Therefore we also accompany them in the whole process of returning home, with the cancellation of rentals and contracts, moving, etc.


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